About the Collection

"A the son of Gil Nickel I grew up immersed in the racing culture & surrounded by an eclectic collection of modern & classic vehicles , this bred in me a passion for motorsport I’ve carried with me throughout my life”

1967 Mustang Shelby GT350S “Eleanor” with Paxton Supercharger

The car was originally a life long California rust free car with 54,000 original miles. It was built with aspirations of the 1967 Mustang Shelby GT350S, which was a Supercharged version of the GT350. Truly awesome muscle car! Not many classic car enthusiasts know that Shelby built 35 1967 Shelby GT 350′s with Paxton Superchargers. Only 19 of the original cars are still known to exist. 

The motor is a 346 cu in Ford with a Paxton Novi 1500 Supercharger. This Supercharger was specifically made for the 1967 Ford Mustang chassis and for a small block Ford with the nostalgia look. In street mode with 92 octane pump gas the engine boasts 705 hp and with a pulley/belt change, timing adjustment and 110 octane race gas a rubber burning 825 hp can be achieved. Its enough to make Nicholas Cage smile.

1958 356 Porsche Speedster

This beautiful Porsche 356 Speedster has undergone a complete ground up restoration by David Muir Restorations. Including repaired body work, new driveline and interior. The car has had an upgraded higher-revving 616/36 version of the 356's four-cylinder pushrod engine. The attention to detail is outstanding. This vehicle has been in the Nickel family for many years. Originally Red with Black interior Jeremy’s mom Susan lovingly referred to the Porsche as “Snoopy”.

2013 Ferrari California

The newest addition to the collection. A gem of a Ferrari. An 8000 RPM 262 cu in V-8 with a respectable 483 hp. 7 speed transmission with paddle shifters. 0 to 60mph in an impressive 3.7 sec and top speed of 194 mph. This horse can run! Stow away convertible top and multi mode suspension controls for Sport or Comfort depending on whether you heading out for wine tastings or a run up the Coast.

1953 Bentley R Type Continental

Chassis No. BC37 LC Engine No. BCC36, Serial # 8085 build date 8/27/1953

Only 208 built, this is one of 43 left hand drive cars. The R type Continental had the reputation of being an owner driven car. One of the postwar era’s great cars, with remarkable performance, handling and stamina. The fastest and most expensive sedan in the world in 1953. A lightweight HJ Mulliner Coupe all aluminum body with a top speed of 120 mph. The car features an in-line 6 cylinder 4566 cc engine, manual transmission and adjustable ride controls. The car was purchased by Gil Nickel in 1987 and enjoyed on many motoring outings. Including participating as a chase vehicle in the Colorado Grand 1000 mile rally. Which featured a run up to the 14,000 ft summit on Mount Evans and not missing a beat.

1963 Lotus 27

Chassis #38 

This Formula Junior race car was originally raced in the US as a Formula C race car in the late 60s’ early 70’s. The car is powered by a 105e 1100cc Ford Cosworth crossflow engine with a Hewland 5 spd gear box. Records show that it was raced in the 70s by Roger Rusert in SCCA regional and National races. Gil Nickel purchased the car from Tom Snelback in Chicago and proceeded to completely restore the car to original Formula Junior specs. Gil raced the car in Vintage races all over the United States and Europe. Including the 1995 FIA Count Lurani Trophy Formula Junior series. The car also competed at the Monaco Historic Gran Prix in 1997. Jeremy Nickel has raced the car locally in Vintage club races on the west coast at Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill and Reno.

1972 Surtees TS-10 
Formula 2

Chassis # TS-10-01

The Matchbox Championship car from 1972 driven by Mike “The Bike” Hailwood. The car was restored and campaigned by Gil Nickel in Vintage Races in the US and a tour in Europe in 1997. The car was restored by Veloce Motors in Petaluma, Ca with an upgraded Monocoque chassis, Cosworth BD 2.0 liter engine and Hewland gearbox. John Surtees paid tribute to the car at a race meet and signed the rear wing.

1966 BMW R-69

This motorcycle was completely restored personally by Gil Nickel as a tribute to his R69 that he rode in the late 60s’. Gil and his brother John rode a pair of R69s to Panama and back. Gil was a avid collector and rider of BMW motorbikes.

1959 BMW Café Racer

The café racer was a bike that Gil restored and rode in honor of his time spent drag racing BMW motorbikes. This bike was restored with the help of Veloce Motors and features hand painted tank art from the Far Niented wine label.

1999 BMW R1100S

4 valve flat twin boxer motor with an impressive 98 hp couple with a 6 spd transmission this was a favorite of Gil Nickels collection. A great sport touring bike that Gil and Jeremy have rode in local bike rallies with the unofficial Napa Valley Touring Society. An infamous group of Motorcycle riders who put together rides throughout the West and beyond. It was reported that the membership dues for the society were set at $5000 but as of today, nobody has yet to pay their dues.

2005 Suzuki Vstrom 650

A great touring bike for taking a quick ride around the Napa Valley on a Sunday afternoon.